The Benefits of Restylane Injections: A Comprehensive Guide

Restylane is a brand of dermal fillers that uses hyaluronic acid to fill the skin and smooth out wrinkles. Instead of stopping muscle contraction, they fill in spaces to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is one of the most popular brands of dermal fillers, with the original Restylane injection being approved by the FDA in 2003.The Restylane family of products, manufactured by Galderma, includes Restylane Lyft, which has larger gel particles than the original Restylane, allowing for a deeper injection into the skin. Depending on the anatomical area and depth of wrinkles or volume loss, different types of Restylane fillers from the Restylane product family are used.

Dr. Green has been injecting Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse and other dermal fillers for more than 25 years in his private boutique practice in Upper East Side, New York. While proper skin care and avoiding the sun are important for the skin, there are times when skin care is not enough and patients require dermal fillers and neurotoxins such as Juvederm, Restylane, Botox, Dysport and Xeomin to reverse visible signs of aging. In addition to reducing wrinkles and fine lines, Restylane injections can be used to create fuller lips (Restylane L, Restylane Silk and Restylane Kysse are used), and to help shape facial contours (Restylane Lyft) in areas such as the cheeks and chin, and add volume to the hands.

Restylane Kysse is the new Restylane filler designed for lip augmentation and for the correction of upper lip lines (perioral lines), also called “smoker's lines”. It can also be combined with Botox, microneedling and other facial rejuvenation methods. Outside the United States, Restylane Contour has already been used to treat more than 1.5 million people worldwide.The most common side effects of Restylane fillers are redness, swelling, discomfort, bruising, localized tenderness and lumps. However, when performed under the guidance of a qualified and trained board certified dermatologist such as Dr.

Green, it is completely safe and FDA approved. It is used to restore lost volume in the middle of the face, treat expression lines, voids under the eyes in the tear canal area, lip enhancement, aged hands, smile lines, lip lines and chin and double chin area. Patients interested in a more complete rejuvenation can combine several Restylane products such as Silk for the lips and Lyft for the cheeks.Galderma has developed a variety of hyaluronic acid injectable products for this specific purpose. With its wide range of products available on the market today, it is easy to find one that suits your needs.

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